Jodi Arnold 

After visiting Cyprus last summer my partner and I spent a lot of our time over there walking dogs in shelters and caring for those on the street. This was our initial thought into rehoming an animal from abroad and something we knew we wanted to do. We both work long hours and thus a dog wasn’t suitable for us, so we searched to rehome a cat. I came across the Furever Friends page on Facebook and requested a home visit almost immediately. Within a couple of days we have been home tester and accepted. I was then in contact with a number of staff to support our application for a beautiful cat from Romania. I was nervous to put an animal on an overseas transport for such a long time, but I can vouch with absolute certainty that these animals are well looked after and it was worth all of the nerves to pick her up at the other end. Within a week of having Kadie we knew we wanted her to have a friend, we went back and adopted a second cat from the same foster and they have been inseparable ever since. Furever Friends have been there for me every step of the way, they’ve answered questions and offered support and advice where necessary. Kadie and Kimber are now nearing a year old and they are the most friendly, social and loving cats imaginable. Every person who meets them cannot believe how sociable they are. I could not recommend Furever Friends enough and I will be forever grateful to them.

Karen Rogers

I adopted Rose and Max in 2015. They had both been badly treated but with patience and love they turned into lovely furbabies. We love them to bits and adopting was one of the best things we did. The whole process from start to finish was handled professionally and with care. FF was fabulous and still is. Karen x

Sarah Keeley

Have been home checking for furever friends for a while, and always found them professional and well organised. Have now seen them from the adopters side and am equally as impressed. The whole process was quick, easy and painless. Can't praise the rescue enough, or thank them enough for our new baby girl. 😍

Helen Mannering:

Well my pup arrived on saturday. She is just adorable. From beginning to when she arrived. I was given loads of feed back from romania from the team here. Down to the transport bring her. On the day once they landed on the uk. We were sent a link so we could track where they were. Which added to the excitement when u knew they were near home. The whole thing has been a wonderful experience. Especially knowing I was given an opportunity to give a chance of life to my little soul mya. I cant that michaela and fureverfriends enough xx

Helen Mannering:

After having my heart broken by the loss of my beloved tilly who was six yr old to cancer. A couple of months passed and I began looking. One day I put in the search for dog resues. Fureverfriends popped up. I joined the group. In todays world with so many scams it does cross your mind is this one of them. Well I can answer that NO it isnt. Its everyrhing it says on the tin and even more. I am waiting for my puppy to arrive I got from them. Everything is done as it should be. In my wait I started to realise this resue is a whole lot more. The people behind it work for nothing its not profit making. They work hard for the animals they save. When I realised all what they do out of love and caring. I joined the admin team. Now I really see behind the scenes its more so much more. So if your reading this and looking for a pet come and see what we have what we are about. You wont regret it. I dont I am glad I joined that day xxx

Michelle Copeland:

Really enjoy being part of the team love u guys x

Ian Martin

We adopted a blonde 7yr old  male Labrador called Ectoras (now called Hector which sort of suits him and easier to say when calling him back).

The process was easy enough and after a visit to see him with his foster carer, home visit plus collection and handover went smoothly. He has now settled in well in his new home and is enjoying living near the seaside where he gets daily walks with his new found fur sisters (2 x 6yo springer spaniels). I always encourage people to rescue before buying from a breeder as so many loving dogs need their forever home often after a bad start in life. Hector has scars and old injuries but he is a loveable friendly boy with plenty of life still in him.

Frances Hill

Got my baby from here and it was such an easy experience from start to finish. Everyone was so helpful and so thankful that we really felt like we were doing something amazing! We love our Barney. Thank you so much

Sallyanne Brennan

I met Sonya through the Rescue group I’m involved with in Moreni Romania

Since Sonya and her group a Furever Friends came on board to facilitate our adoptions to the uk life has been so much easier

We know our dogs are coming to the UK with excellent support and back up and it’s a relief to know such a professional organisation has our dogs backs

THANKYOU Team Furever Friends

Raluca Scarlat

hello. is a real pleasure and privilege to work with you lovely friends, and together to help so many needed souls. I run a shelter in Romania and Furever Friends are wonderful by promoting our dogs and finding fab homes to many of them. you are professional and i like the way you communicate, love and support, the way you get involved with your heart and resources to find the best homes. As many of you know situation of dogs in Romania is a very sad one and for our dogs having Furever Friends as a support makes such a difference.Thank you wonderful people and I truly say that you are doing a great job. Kepp up the good work. The dogs will be always grateful to you.

Kevin Green

We adopted Birmi almost a year ago from this wonderful Furever friends group Ian so pleased we adopted her as she is such a beautiful,playful and affectionate girl who we have renamed Izabela and she has made great friends with our two Tonkinese boys

Meryl White 

Adopted Oreo from the Coventry branch and cannot thank Sonya and the team enough for all their help and advice. They really went above and beyond! This little man has brought laughter and happiness into our household and has very quickly become part of the family. He is loved and truly spoilt! Keep up the hard work Furever friends. 


I adopted a little cat from Romania October 2019. He had been found abandoned as a kitten with badly infected eyes. Andrada ensured he had great vetinary care and nursed him back to health - albeit with one less eye now. During those few months in her care she raised a deeply affectionate little cat and she gave me so much support and regular updates with his progress on the road to recovery. We had to wait a little while for him to be ready, due to his operation, but it was worth the wait. Thank you Furever Friends. What a brilliant job you do. X

Chris Hullah

Having heard of various online scams regarding adopting from abroad, when Sonya rang my son following his enquiry about Hera, who was in Romania, I was like hmmmm 😂. (Sorry Sonya!) However, everything was above board and the adoption ran like clockwork. I seriously don’t know how they manage to make the transport runs look so effortless, but I was amazed at how smoothly it ran and Hera arrived on 6 March 2020 to invade our hearts and homes! We can’t underestimate the work that goes into running a rescue and the sheer dedication that goes into saving all these gorgeous creatures. Thank you Furever Friends for Hera and most of all, for everything you do xxx 💕

Patrick Lydon

We adopted Rosco from Romania, we are new dog owners and have to say the experience with Sonya and Andrada was much easier and smoother than that of the more bigger commercial UK rescues. Great communication throughout the process and a well cared for and looked after dog to show for it.

Lynsey Merritt

After many month off trying to rescue a cat & not succeeding as we had 2 very cat friendly springer spainals but most rescue were not keen on rehoming cats with dogs. I had almost given up hope & then in febuary 2020 i came across an advert on facebook of a beautiful grey & white tabby cat named Duke looking for his forever home. He seemed perfect & ticked every box so i filled in a form but again was not holding out much home as Duke was currently in Romania!

How wrong was I, a few days later Sonya called me & explained how there system all worked, it could not off been any easier, everything run like clockwork.

We had slight delay on Duke arrival due to the corona virus & europe being on lockdown but even in these difficult times, the team were excellent with there communication & organising & on May 2nd 2020 Duke arrived with us, delivered to our door.

Duke is exactly what they said & he tick every box & more.

Thank you to everyone involved that make this possible, you all do a fantastic job & make the journey for both humans & animals a smooth one.

I highly reccomend you to anyone wanting to rescue a cat or dog, you guy were fantastic, thank you xx

Chloe Shelton

Our beautiful KasiaLily arrived late Saturday night (May 2nd 2020) and has settled in so quickly, I truly believe this is because of the outstanding care, compassion and love of her foster Mum Andrada and all those involved in getting her here safe and sound.

Sonya and the rest of the team made this the most amazing experience, we were new to adopting but would definitely do it again, everything was explained in detail, the home check was done by such a friendly lady. Thankyou to Bota for transporting so many of our furbabies safe and sound especially through this tough time. Once again thankyou to the furever friends team for completing our family and giving us such joy in our beautiful angel KasiaLily. Sending love to all other furbabies, if you are debating this experience I can safely say you won't regret it.

Our angel is so happy and playful, loving and mischievous. Thankyou furever friends xx

Sarah Welch

I adopted Dennis just before all the Corona virus started and travel got stopped so I had to wait a long time to get him but the communication was amazing. Thank you so much. Wonderful work you do.

Helen Copley

We adopted Hamish (was Chase) March 2020 and we could not be any happier. He is the perfect addition to our family and we are besotted with him. He is such a character keeping us entertained and laughing all day and so sweet with all of his cuddles and kisses.

Furever Friends are amazing and helped us through the whole process making it easy and quick, and have helped so much since we adopted him answering all our questions and offering so much advise!! Thank you to everyone, especially Anne-Marie and Sonya. Once us and Hamish are ready we will definitely be coming back for his brother or sister from Furever Friends.

Kirsty and Jake 

We had been searching for a fur baby for around 3 months and after being let down by the RSPCA due to stupid reasons we gave up. My mum then came round and showed us this amazing site with all dogs of all ages looking for homes!

After looking (not for long) we found our beautiful boy bear! They were really quick in responding to our application, the home check was efficient ,especially during the lockdown times, and we had such great support all the way through the application process :)

They were responsive within the week to tell us we had been accepted for our baby bear and put us into contact with the correct people straight away. We really couldn't be more happier we have our own little fur baby and after 2 days of having him we are so proud of him.

Thank you too all the team at furever friends who helped with the process of us having our new baby and for the continued support we are still receiving. Me and my fiancé will definitely come back for our next furbaby in the future xx


PauIa Greatbatch

 first met my fur babies when they came into the pet store I work for to visit the vets and they were so poorly I didn’t think they’d make it, but with lots of love, devotion and lots of vets visits they pulled through! Sonya went way above and beyond what I’ve ever seen any rescuer do for these babies and for that I’ll always be eternally greatful as our lives have been so much better for loving Lottie and Lola along with our other 3 big babies ️ I would always send people the furever friends way because this rescue is second to none and I know Lottie especially wouldn’t of been alive today and thriving like she is without all this charities hard work! Thanks Sonya and team and keep up the amazing job you’re all earth angels and I am in awe of you all so thank you from the bottom of our hearts love Paula, Jon, Loren, Luna, Lilly, Lottie and Lola xxxx

Lucy Gregory

Having lost our 15 year old collie/lab lili we were all devastated as was our 8 year old Yorkie Archie ! So I put feelers out for a rescue dog ! Lola ( was called Nicola) Suddenly appeared on my phone and I fell in love x I was worried it was too soon after our beloved lili but I needn’t have bothered . The adoption process was very thorough and quick ( I nagged a bit !! ) and Lola is a delight x all the family love her as does Archie ! She is cuddly , funny , lively and has a great personality. We are on our 5th week of being at our caravan in Anglesey and she has really come out of herself although she doesn’t like water !!! We are so delighted and thankful to furever friends for allowing us to adopt Lola x She has filled a big dog shaped hole in our lives and knowing that furever friends is just at the end of the phone is brilliant !

Emma Hills 

I got my cat a month or so ago now and it was such an easy adoption process. The home check was completed the day after my application and I found out all was accepted very fast.

He is an absolute baby and I love him so much. Just waiting on my second cat to arrive through this rescue. I can’t wait!

Kim Rowe

After the loss of our two beloved (and very senior) pups, my Husband and I felt that our home was not complete without dogs. Strongly believing in rescue, I chanced upon the Furever Friends site. We immediately fell in love with a dog in Moreni. The response to my application enquiry was fast and efficient. A very thorough home-check (due to Covid) via phone and video upload rapidly followed. Once we had been approved we went ahead. Frankly, the support has been outstanding and we felt really involved in the entire process from start to ...... well ..... finish is not really the right word, because the communication lines remain very much open should you need any further advice. Our relationship with the very dedicated and compassionate teams at Furever and Moreni is far from over ......... we were unable to resist adopting our Effra’s sister and Moreni pen-mate, Cadi.

Eleanor Rose 

This year started awfully, I lost my darling old cat the day after my birthday and my heart had a giant hole. My remaining cat missed her brother and to make it easier on us both I began looking for a rescue. I stumbled upon a photo of Sushi the Cat and I fell in love. I filled in an application on the Sunday and received a phone call from the lovely Clare the next day to explain how the adoption process would work and to arrange a home check. I had my home check the following day done by Rachel who was so kind, warming and professional. She rang me the next day to tell me I had been accepted and Sushi was mine! After looking on the Facebook page at photos of him, I saw Phoebe the cat who was also up for adoption and decided I needed her as well! I had updates and photos up until they left Romania on the journey here, the animal bus chat was easy and informative. When they bus arrived in the UK you get given an estimated time of arrival and then after each stop, these times are updated. My babies arrived in the middle of the night and I met them at a service station, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. They are perfect and fit into my family amazingly! Jet my original cat absolutely loves them and has stopped scratching at herself, Sushi loves being near her and it melts my heart. Looking non the furever friends page has become a normal thing and I then decided to adopt two more cats! I am awaiting arrival and then will add another message! Thankyou Furever Friends for being so helpful, trustworthy and kind!

 Maria Stainsby

After losing my boy axel it broke my heart as he was only 11 & had bad hips. Saw a picture of milly & read her story it was awful what she and other dogs go through in Romania.

We’ve always had rescue dogs. But I fell in love with her. Helen mannering helped us to get milly as she needed the right people to take her on. We’ve had her over a year now and she is starting to trust us but still will not let us put a collar on her. My advice is soon as the shelter gets these dogs they should have collars put on them as this is a big problem for milly to overcome.

Luckily we have a garden but I want her to see there is a big world out there for her to explore and be a dog.

Thanks to all the team & Helen.

Stay safe & take care. Maria.

 Stuart Potter

 From first contact through Furever friends working with the forgotten shelter in Romania to seeing my fur baby Baxter2 arrive. The service and information through out was first class. The care given and shown to the dogs and cats was fantastic. If I could add anything it would be to have live tracking of the vans on a map so we can see them getting closer not important but would be nice touch. Would I adopt another dog from them yes I would with no hesitation.

Once you commit to adopting you are added to chat groups where you can ask more questions and see what other adopters are asking. You also get up to date photos/vidoes of your furbaby. Thank you all so much for bringing Baxter 2 in to my life.

 Alan picton


So guys I just want to say a little something about men and Romanian dogs. All dogs in Romania are terrified of men in Romania because I'd say 95% of men dont have respect for these furry animals which is quite shocking to know.

I rescued a Male dog from this lovely site and these lovely people, his name is Dexter, he is now 5 month old we have had him for 3weeks. It has taken me 2 week to get him used to me and to know I'm not here to hurt or harm him I am here to show him love and affection and protect him from any harm. I had to show him that leads and harness are not something to be afraid of in fact it is something to look forward to and to get giddy over and this is still a working progress with him.

So can I please say to any guys/girls getting a dog from Romania please give them time and show them respect, be patient and please please dont push them to one side or send them back just give it time it will be the best thing ever when you see them from day 1 of getting them to 3 weeks of getting them it makes you feel so proud and so happy you just want to help more of them.

Many thanks for reading this.

P.s hope you get your furever freind and life long best friend

Gayle Hartrick

I’ve never rescued a dog from abroad before, and I was a bit apprehensive about the different way that dogs are treated in Romania and the long journey to get here. I needn’t have worried. Furever friends have given my puppy an excellent start in a proper life, and he is adjusting really well to being a much loved family member. I would certainly do this again, and would recommend Furever friends to anybody wanting to add a new puppy, dog, or cat to their family 

Laura Edmunds 

 I have been thinking on and off about getting a cat for years but living in a flat with no garden I have never thought seriously about it until this year. This summer I started to explore the possibility of adopting an indoor cat, and after much searching I found two cats that needed rehoming in this country. The communications with this UK rescue weren't brilliant and due to the cats becoming pregnant I was waiting for 3 or 4 months and at the end of that time it looked like the cats might not be available after all. I had been joined up to the Furever Friends Facebook group by a friend when I started looking in the summer and so in early November when it was starting to look like the UK cats weren't going to be an option, I started having a look more at Furever Friends cats. I had been a bit reluctant to adopt from abroad but on looking I found that there were a few cats looking for indoor homes. I made an enquiry about Luna and within a few days had been contacted by one of the team. I reserved Luna and had my homecheck the next week. I couldn't believe how quickly everything was moving and how efficient everyone was compared to the other experience I had had! I also enquired about another cat Pufy who turned out not to be available but ended up putting a deposit down to reserve Wolfie and adopted them both a few days later when I had word I had passed my homecheck. As soon as I reserved them, I was getting updates from Andrada (their rescuer and foster in Romania) and the whole team were really helpful in answering questions and communication in general was really good. I needn't have worried about adopting from abroad as it was just so very clear that everyone involved had the animals best interests at heart. Luna and Wolfie were scheduled to travel at the end of November (less than a month after I first enquired), and they travelled over despite some tricky issues that FF and their transporters had to sort out with Eurotunnel.

Luna and Wolfie have been with me now for a week and a half and are wonderful! I'm so happy to have then and feel blessed. I'm also so glad to have been able to give a home to two wonderful little beings who deserved it and am so grateful to FF for rescuing them and giving them the opportunity to live safely and be loved.

The team are still being so wonderful and supportive and answering questions about my little ones and my worries. We are also all sharing updates and pictures in the group message of all those who adopted animals who travelled on the same day, which is so nice!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Furever Friends (and in fact already have!) and am very grateful that they are out there doing what they are doing xx

Melanie Hodson

I have just adopted a puppy “Savannah” from Romania through Furever Friends and am currently awaiting her arrival in the Uk. I have been very impressed with the adoption process so far. I found the information provided on their website excellent, it was clear, easy to understand and gave all the information required about the adoption process. My application was processed very quickly, my home check was done a couple of days later and within a week I was contacted to be informed that my adoption application had been successful. During the home check and successful application calls I was given good, clear information and advised on what the next steps would be. I am excited to meet our little girl and can’t thank Furever Friends enough for the great work they do and how informative they are throughout the adoption process.

Megan Yates-Hartnell

Where to start! My Partner and I decided we wanted to rescue a dog at the beginning of the year. We found furever friends rescue on Facebook, admittedly we were both very conscious and sceptical of adopting from abroad, we had never done it and never knew anyone that had.

After looking through the potential dogs for adoption we found one that just stood out with the most perfect little face. We chose to adopt Quinn (Now named Mia).

Everything was so smooth and sailing from here, the initial contact from the team, the home check, the signing of paperwork and lastly the collection.

The support that we have had from this team is undoubtedly amazing! Any questions, they've got you! Any worries or concerns, they've got you! They really put us at ease.

If you're thinking about adopting from this rescue, do it!!! It is the best feeling, and to see our pup settle in her new home makes it all so worth it. We would like to give a special thank you to Adriana Elsa who rescued our girl from Romania. And a huge thank you to Sonya and Clare and the rest of the team. You guys work so hard to give these animals a dream come true.

We would definitely adopt from here again if we ever decide we want more furry friends!

Thank you!

Jennifer Daws

After spending a lot of time researching different rescue charities I came across the furever friends Facebook page. Not long after joining the group a post came through for puppies awaiting adoption from Greece. Within a few days of applying for adoption I received a call from the team to say we will be considered for adoption pending a home check. This was completed a few days later via video call (due to lockdown restrictions) it was all really straight forward. Once we passed that we reserved our pup paid our adoption fee and were added to a group chat where we could check on the progress of our puppy and ask any questions to the team. Once a travel date is set a few days before you are added to the happy bus chat as well to Check progress of them travelling from Greece/Romania to the UK. Once they get to dover you are given a collection point and an estimated time to collect your animal. Its all extremely straight forward and the team are so friendly. Our puppy is settling in well but if we have any queries/concerns they are there ready to help in any way they can.

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