Sharon Conway

After my first dog died I knew that I didn't want to be without a furry friend but needed to be sure that I had a child friendly dog as my very young niece comes for sleepovers. I was determined to have another rescue dog and spent a lot of time searching for what could potentially be my new companion. I saw a description and picture of Crosby who looked adorable but so sad and I just knew that we would make each other happy. I contacted Furever Friends and Helen replied very quickly. We spoke for a while and she arranged contact with Crosby's fosterer. I visited Crosby with my niece and it was love at first sight for all of us! I was on the phone to Helen as soon as I got home and she sorted out all the checks and paperwork very quickly. I've not regretted my choice at all and Crosby is very pleased about it too - I was right, we both smile a lot now! I highly recommend Furever Friends. They take the trouble to match owners and pets, make home checks and they offer lifetime support for the animal you adopt. You never know when you might need some help or advice with your pet and it's good to know there is someone to turn to if you need to. Crosby and I are both very grateful to Helen and everyone at Furever Friends for bringing us together. Sharon

Steph Morton

After deciding we had place in our home for a cat, we were set on rescuing one in need of a home. We came across Bella, 1 year old black female the furever friend of the week. Due to this we had a home check performed within a few days and a week later picked her up from her foster home. Bella is the most loving cat. She is very vocal and has many conversations with us daily and makes us laugh. She is in perfect health and our home wouldn't be the same without her. Im so glad we gave a young cat a home, we have not missed the kitten months at all, she was fully litter and scratch post trained :) Thanks so much, i would recommend rehoming a cat from furever friends to anyone.

Sara Keeley

Have been homechecking for furever friends for a while, and always found them professional and well organised. Have now seen them from the adopters side and am equally as impressed. The whole process was quick, easy and painless. Can't praise the rescue enough, or thank them enough for our new baby girl. 😍

Natalie Phillips:

I got Pixie from Romania just over a year ago. Despite people here telling me I was crazy for getting a dog from abroad, I fell in love with her from a photo and knew I had to have her. The administration staff are incredible, the entire process was easy and effortless. The hardest bit was waiting a few weeks for her arrival. Furever Friends are there to answer any queries along the way and offer lifetime support after you get your furry friend. An inspirational group of people. I couldn't have found a more loving, sweet dog. The best thing I've ever done. Natalie

Melanie Wilson:

As a life long animal owner and a decades long convert to rescue dog ownership, adopting a Furever friend dog (or two !) has been a delight. Often when re-homing a rescue animal there are many unanswered questions, sociability, safe with children etc. A big factor for us at this time was one of safety with children and I believe that the process followed by FF, which includes fostering as assessment of each dog and their honesty in describing the pros and cons of dogs individually sets them apart, in a very positive way, from many other rescue organisations. They go the extra mile in their home check procedure actually trying to do this as swiftly as possible and respond to messages promptly, again this differs from many other rescues. Many people have asked me “Why a dog from abroad ? Aren't you worried about its temperament ?” These were questions I considered before meeting our first FF adoptee. But both dogs are amazing, as an animal behaviourist I have been surprised by the resilience they have show to their bad start in life and they eager willingness to accept their new family, trusting and loving those they are re-homed with, both human and other animals. This has been notably different from most UK rescue dogs I've encountered, who often required a lot of post adoption work (there is training to be done but at a easier level). I work in Animal Assisted therapy and feel that in time and with training, my two could make excellent AAT dogs, which speaks very highly of the confidence I feel for their natural easy going dispositions. I highly recommend FF to any potential adopter.

Lynsey Sweet:

My family & I decided we wanted a dog about a year ago & knew it had to be a rescue dog so 7 months ago we gave our lovely Pepper a new life in a loving home. We couldn't be without him & I thank Furever Friends for bringing him to us! X

Sam Towning:

I have recently adopted 2 cats. I was worried because if living near a busy road but furever friends put me in touch with some indoor cats and I have a minky and millie. Furever Friends are amazing and do fantastic work, so friendly and with you all the way.

Kelly Winters:

I rescued a 3 year old cat called amy.she came already litter trained spade and flea treated.shes lovely and was recomended by the rescue as best one for me. I felt getting a cat was better than a kitten as i didnt need to litter train. I love her loads was a bargain as i wouldnt give her back for a million pounds

Helen Linnell:

I knew it might be tricky, adopting a rescue dog. So I rescued two! haha! Thank you for all your help in settling my two beautiful rescue dogs. For anyone adopting, know that there will be 'teething problems', that you might come up against seemingly insurmountable problems. But stick with it, use the great collective experience of Furever Friends. And these dogs will love you furever :) x

Melissa Smith:

I love fostering with furever friends, the love and support is amazing, such a friendly bunch of life savers who go above and beyond every single day to save the lives of these beautiful furbabies. My first foster baby was a dream, we had lots of support and after just a few months she went to such a lovely and kind furever home. We are now fostering Daisy and Fleur and we are enjoying every moment, watching these furbabies become happy and independent bundles of joy is the best feeling in the world and then when the time comes I can take comfort in knowing they too will be homed with care, love and respect. The team at furever friends is warm, welcoming and growing by the day. Come and join the team and save a life. xxxxx

Sam Wright:

After losing my boxer at 11 years old two years ago we decided to give a home to a rescue dog as I am a great believer in giving a home to a dog that is in need through the fault of humans. Someone tagged me in Furever friends and I was smitten. So many desperate pleading faces to choose from. We saw ruby ru and our hearts were stolen. After completing an adoption form and forwarding it back I was lucky enough to be able to meet ruby whilst waiting for my home check as my foster mummy Helen Pettman was 40mins away. michaela was fantastic in setting up the meet and Helen was very accommodating fitting us in. Home check complete was ours within a couple of days. We are truly grateful for the time and effort that these wonderful volunteers put in to make sure these animals get a life they so truly deserve. They are passionate and amazing at what they do and remember they have their everyday lives,job's families to contend with as well. THere sometimes may be a delay in responding to you but be patient these guys want nothing more than seeing there rescues in forever homes. Ruby has made a massive impact on our lives and the love she showers on us after her life of he'll amazes me. I would not hesitate in recommending Furever friends to anyone considering rescuing a romanian dog or cat and. A Furever friend is exactly exactly what you become when you do adopt. Love you guys keep up the good work xxx

Sally Birch:

I was looking for a cat, I had one and I wanted another to keep her company, I came across furever friends, they said that they had a cat, not very old, who needed a new home... They explained that he was a rescue cat, that he had been found as a little kitten, run over and with a broken leg, he was only weeks old now, but had made a full recovery.... They had thought he was a girl, and named him Voilet but later discovered he was a boy and his name was Vinnie...! I then was told that this special little boy was in Budapest! He had been rescued there and needed a new home.... After my home check and trip for Vinnie... He came to live with us! He has the nicest nature, he's a real character, I wouldn't be without this special boy. Furever friends gave him a 2nd chance when all the odds were against him, they saved his life and created a new one where he's part of my family. They are a great team of people who love animals and are dedicated to protecting and rescuing animals that really do need help and that otherwise may longer live to see another day. If you are looking for a pet and want to help change an animals life, then look no further... Furever friends is the best place you could find. I'm so grateful for they do and have done.

Dalila Jakupovic Memic:

We dream of forever homes happy ends. Furever friends make dreams come true, for us rescuers and for our rescue dogs and cats. . Forever thankful yours Dalila

Helen Mannering:

Well my pup arrived on saturday. She is just adorable. From beginning to when she arrived. I was given loads of feed back from romania from the team here. Down to the transport bring her. On the day once they landed on the uk. We were sent a link so we could track where they were. Which added to the excitement when u knew they were near home. The whole thing has been a wonderful experience. Especially knowing I was given an opportunity to give a chance of life to my little soul mya. I cant that michaela and fureverfriends enough xx

Helen Mannering:

After having my heart broken by the loss of my beloved tilly who was six yr old to cancer. A couple of months passed and I began looking. One day I put in the search for dog resues. Fureverfriends popped up. I joined the group. In todays world with so many scams it does cross your mind is this one of them. Well I can answer that NO it isnt. Its everyrhing it says on the tin and even more. I am waiting for my puppy to arrive I got from them. Everything is done as it should be. In my wait I started to realise this resue is a whole lot more. The people behind it work for nothing its not profit making. They work hard for the animals they save. When I realised all what they do out of love and caring. I joined the admin team. Now I really see behind the scenes its more so much more. So if your reading this and looking for a pet come and see what we have what we are about. You wont regret it. I dont I am glad I joined that day xxx

Sharon Ann Smith:

Wonderful people tirelessly working for a wonderful cause! So supportive & helpful always putting the animals first. They've helped me in a time of crisis & have not asked for anything in return. Hopefully soon I'll be able to help them back xxx

Zoe Orman:

I have adopted 2 dogs through Furever Friends (Juno and Poppy), and have found them to be very professional and helpful. They provide full support throughout the adoption process and beyond. I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you are new to the prospect of adopting from abroad. I must admit that I was slightly sceptical at first, but I soon realised that this is a truly fantastic service! 😊 The only problem I have now, is resisting the urge to adopt more!! 😁 Thank you Michaela and team for all your help and support xx

Bev Navarro:

The fureverfriends friends rescue team are fantastic,I am new to this rescue but have fostered for a long time,they are so helpful and always there with care and guidance,the rescue puts all its furry friends first and everyone involved with adoption and fostering,thank you all.x

Crina Alexandra Georgescu -Negris Place Dog Rescue Romania:

from my point of view and my experience Furever Friends are the best in my top...they saved many many of my furry kids and now those furry kids are loved and cared...Furever Friends are the only who sends us back photos and updates and they always put the animals on the first first a pleasure to work with you guys and i wish you power of work and many saved souls....may God bless you and thank you for all xxxxxxxx

Paola Stillone:

Furever Friends are one of the most proactive, grounded and robust rescue teams that I have come across over the last two years of activity in this field. I have had two rescued dogs fostered and adopted through their extensive network of animal rights supporters. I was truly impressed by the positive and caring attitude that was shown to the dogs and to all involved. If I could adopt a dog or a cat, I would have no hesitation to choose them. I have total trust in their professionalism, expertise and helpful attitude. They make sure the cats and dogs are properly assessed and supported until they found happy homes. It is a pleasure to interact with such positive and lovely people who really care about the animals and everyone

Helen Pettman:

I have recently joined up to foster with furever friends and received my first pup a couple of days ago, Rubby. She is truly adorable and the team are amazing. You follow them from the beginning of their journey till they are in your arms. The team from where they come from, the transport team, and forever friends are all truly wonderful. It's nice to follow all the other pups journeys too and see them settled in their new happy life xxx

Maggie Lane Sharp:

Would like to say the team from furever friends are the best from start to fiinniish I adopted little bug got him on the 26.07.15 they keep you updated and answer any question you asked them has so do transport and send you photos of they jouney from Romania to when they arrive to they forever home could not asked for any thing better so pleased I got little bug thank you so much furever friends your all great xx

Emma Lewis:

I've recently joined furever friends to help foster & I can honestly say what a lovely helpful bunch of people they are. I've had so much advice & support. They also work tirelessly to help as many furbabies as possible. Whether you decide to foster or adopt, you couldn't choose a more worthwhile animal charity xx

Michelle Copeland:

Really enjoy being part of the team love u guys x

Sam Towning:

I adopted a cat from furever friends today and these guys have been so helpful and supportive.

Jasmine Astley:

Furever friends is a fantastic rescue. I myself both foster and am part of the admin team for furever friends. I fostered my first foster baby patsy a few months ago and it was the best thing I ever did, patsy is now happy in her furever home. If you're thinking of fostering or adopting please come and speak to us :D x

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